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Be a Team Leader

The Campaign for Courage suggests three ways for a member of Congress to be a team leader, by creating: 

1) Problem-Solving Committees: A member of Congress would create a District or state-based "Problem-Solvers Committee" made up of smart dedicated constituents from across the political spectrum. The committee would seek to develop consensus-based recommendations that could serve as the basis for legislation to be introduced by the member of Congress, or provide recommendations to guide his/her voting on legislation.

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2) Integrity Council: A member of Congress would ask a diverse mix of faith leaders, ethicists, and highly-respected constituents to help support him/her in adhering to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. 

3) Youth Advisory Council: Some members of Congress, ranging from Congress's most conservative members to most liberal, have convened youth advisory councils. These members share the belief that our democracy thrives by engaging members of the next generation. But out of 535 voting members of Congress, less than twenty have convened youth councils. We need many more members of Congress to consult and involve the next generation.   

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