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What would it be like to know that you, personally, helped change the political climate of the nation?  

How would you feel, sitting face-to-face with your Representative and/or Senators, together with fellow committed citizens, saying: 

"We know your job is hard, we know you want to do what's right, and we are asking you to chart a new course for America.

We are asking for One Simple Act of Courage."

The Campaign for Courage will provide support to Citizens for Courage teams in every state. We will help schedule meetings with your Representatives and Senators, provide guidance in carrying out those meetings, and be available to provide support to the Representatives and Senators in carrying out their acts of courage.  

We're not looking for millions of signature on a petition, or "likes" on Facebook. Just a small number of passionate committed citizens in each state of the union can change the course of America. If you want to be one of those citizens, then please submit the form below. And if you know of others, please let them know about the Campaign for Courage.   

Yes, I'd like to learn more about being part of my state's Citizens for Courage team:

Thanks for submitting!



To have every single member of Congress undertake at least one Simple Act of Courage in 2025.

And two Simple Acts of Courage in 2026.

And so on.

Until we've fixed America.    


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