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Maine Becomes First State to Use Ranked Choice Voting for President

Ranked Choice Ballot.jpg

September 23, 2020: This November, Maine voters won't be "throwing their votes away" if they decide to vote for a third-party candidate because they'll still be able to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. 

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Politicians should take citizens’ assemblies seriously

Citizen assemblies.jpg

September 19, 2020: Around the world “citizens’ assemblies” and other deliberative groups are being created to consider questions that politicians have struggled to answer. 

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Proposal for an open, top-two primary in Florida secures spot on 2020 ballot


December 12, 2019: Floridians look increasingly likely to vote next year on a proposal to dramatically alter the way primaries for state offices are conducted. 

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Citizen and Legislative Efforts to Reform Redistricting in 2018

Citizen Petition.jpg

July 31, 2018: Grassroots and advocacy groups around the country are working to curb gerrymandering. Nine states currently have ballot initiatives or legislative efforts underway. Read the latest news on key citizen-driven and legislative efforts to reform the redistricting process. 

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Novel Experiment to Address Local News Media Crisis 


July 30, 2018: New Jersey state lawmakers have embarked on a novel experiment to address a local news crisis: putting up millions of dollars in the state’s most recent budget to pay for community journalism. 

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What Duluth Can Teach America About Declining Political Civility


July 30, 2018: The decline of civility in political debate in Duluth ten years ago was alarming. Harsh rhetoric was getting in the way of resolving bitter disputes and turning young people away from political engagement. ​Civic leaders launched Speak Your Peace: The Civility Project.  As debate improved, so did the process of addressing problems. The program continues to thrive.

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Problem Solvers Caucus Produces Bipartisan Solution on COVID-19 Relief

PS 2.png

September 18, 2020: A major bipartisan proposal to break the gridlock on desperately needed covid relief funding has been proposed in Congress. Yet, the institution of Congress is so dysfunctional that even big ideas with big constituencies fail to see the light of day. 

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Cities creating racial ‘healing’ committees to confront past

Racial committee.jpg

September 20, 2020: A growing number of cities across the U.S. are creating committees and task force panels aimed at discussing racial tensions and confronting the past.

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Political Reform Movement Is Moving Fast


December 12, 2019: Leaders of 50 national, state and local reform groups met in Denver last weekend to celebrate major 2018 and 2019 victories and to plan action in 2020. 

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Launch of Congressional Civility and Respect Caucus

Shake on It

February 2, 2018: Members of this new caucus will be visiting high schools and civic organizations in their districts to lead discussions on civility and respect. Video here.  

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"More In Common" Show Features Americans Coming Together 

More in Common.png

Inspiring stories of Americans who come together despite their differences and find common ground in unexpected ways. 

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Maine Adopts First-In-Nation Ranked Choice Voting Statewide


June 13, 2018: Maine became the first state to adopt the system in which candidates in all state and congressional primary races, as well as all congressional races in the general election, are ranked in order of preference.

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