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Act 6. Take Time to Reflect

Wise leaders know the importance of periodically stepping back to reflect on why they are in office and the values they are committed to bring to the task. Members of Congress have such busy schedules it can be easy to lose sight of what public service means. Between hearings, floor votes, committee meetings, fundraising, public appearances, meeting with constituents, and campaigning, there is little time to stop and think. But that is all the more reason to do so.    


A member of Congress could hold a retreat towards the beginning of each year with their staff and perhaps even involving a select group of constituents from across the political spectrum. In addition to time for reflection and making personal commitments, the retreat would be an opportunity for the member of Congress to identify legislative priorities, consider areas of agreement and disagreement among constituents, and develop strategies to make progress on policy challenges and rebuilding the functioning of our democracy.

The Campaign for Courage is prepared to help members of Congress organize such retreats. 

Looking Towards the Horizon
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