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Act 7. Focus on Solutions

Members of Congress can make a commitment to problem-solving and integrity by joining one of the following groups, or creating a brand new one to "Make Congress Work!": 

Problem Solvers Caucus: Founded in 2017, this bipartisan caucus in the House of Representatives has been developing common-sense solutions for infrastructure, criminal justice, school safety, healthcare, and COVID-19 relief and stimulus measures.        

Bipartisan Working Group: Since 2011 this House of Representatives group has been meeting every week to address policy problems in a respectful and open-minded fashion. Representatives from both political parties build relationships across the aisle by supporting member initiatives, listening to each other’s perspectives on legislation, and developing solutions to pressing issues.   

Civility and Respect Caucus: Members of the Civility and Respect Caucus partner with peers from across the aisle to host events together in their districts to promote civility. 

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