Act 8. Accountability for Results, Not Rhetoric 

Election to Congress has increasingly become a guaranteed job for life. How is it that Congress's approval rating barely tops 10%, yet incumbents win re-election over 90% of the time? 


Consider this: when the Constitution was signed in 1787, the average life expectancy in the United States was 36 years of age! If the framers could have anticipated today's longevity, perhaps they would have built in some safeguards against a Congressional monarchy. What would they have thought about Congressman John Dingell, Jr. of Michigan, who retired in 2014 as the longest serving member of Congress after spending over 59 years in office!  

We need candidates for Congress willing to say "I will achieve results or step down"! 

Perhaps the most obvious promise would be a pledge to balance the budget. Not just a pledge to try, but to succeed! Why not run for office saying "If Congress cannot balance the budget within six years of my election, I will step down from office"? 

Or why not tie re-election directly to Congress's approval rating? "If Congress cannot achieve a public approval rating over 50% within six years of my election, I will step down from office"!



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