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Act 8. Do or Die 

Election to Congress has become practically a guaranteed job for life. Something is dreadfully wrong when Congress's approval rating barely tops 10%, yet incumbents win re-election over 90% of the time! It's time that members of Congress showed some accountability.  

It's time for members of Congress to say "I will achieve results or step down!" 

Over half of the members of Congress don't even have written goals for what they want to accomplish during their term in office (according to a recent survey of members)!  Imagine instead if your Representative or Senator were to publicly announce something like this:

"I will step down from office at the end of 6 years if we, the Congress, cannot...

Reduce the national debt by 25%...


Cut teen pregnancies in half...


Pass a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to repair the nation's roads, bridges, railroads and airports...


Bring unemployment down to 4%...


Whatever concrete goal the member of Congress has the courage to commit to!

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